Experience a personalized class as Alyssa guides you through a practice that includes centering, breath work, physical postures, and meditation. Alyssa’s special attention to alignment will help improve your practice whether you are an experienced student or just starting out. Available for privates in her Westport, CT studio.


Alyssa is certified in Prenatal Yoga by Pranakriya School of Yoga. Her classes are geared towards strengthening the childbirth muscles along with relieving the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. Sciatica, round ligament pain, sacroiliac joint pain, carpal tunnel and many more pregnancy issues are helped by gentle stretching and breathing. You will also learn breathing and sounding techniques for labor. Available for privates in her Westport, CT studio.

Small Groups: 

Create a small group for a semi-private yoga class. A great activity for birthday parties, showers, networking groups, and more. Open to people of all abilities, and can be done in your home, workspace, or even outside.

Alyssa blends 17 years of learning from many beloved teachers with the methodology and principals of Pranotthan Yoga, rooted in the Kripalu lineage. She brings an authentic, creative voice and loving presence to her classes. Believing that yoga is everyone, Alyssa is passionate about guiding students to a deeper mind-body connection that releases stress, nourishes the spirit, and leads to a more empowered and integrated life.