"Alyssa brings light into the darkness of the body heart and mind with her healing hands, intuitive nature, and embodied wisdom. A session with Alyssa is deeply nourishing and restorative. One is left with a feeling of wholeness and ease. Alyssa is a gifted healer."

Chloe, New Haven CT        

"In our first session, Alyssa mentioned to me her experiences as a potter and an organic farmer. I’ve often thought that this is what distinguishes Alyssa from other practitioners: that her skills are less specifically related to one modality and more broadly and deeply about sensing how to respond to a moving medium, how to create the conditions for flourishing. She brings to each session her artistry, her sensitivity, her intuition, her compassion, and her commitment to helping people thrive."

Jennifer, Easton, CT        

"Alyssa is a true healer. Combining deeply attentive therapeutic massage with aromatherapy, energy work, and her natural intuition, Alyssa provides a whole body healing experience. She is my most valuable resource whenever I’m feeling stuck, sore, or in need of some serious mind-body care."

Katie, Norwalk CT        

"Alyssa was an integral part of my journey through pregnancy with our twin girls. Her healing touch eased my body, quieted my mind, and created a space for me to connect with the babies in their womb. It was a truly magical experience and I feel so lucky to have had Alyssa by my side.”

Maggie, Westport, CT        

"Alyssa is a highly intuitive practitioner and so each session is unique in how she draws on her expertise of massage, Reiki and aromatherapy. Alyssa’s work truly guides my body towards balance. However, it is her consistent ability to relieve and heal problem areas that impresses me – and knowing this really allows me to relax!"

Gabriela, New Haven CT        

"I’ve had the distinct pleasure of receiving  bodywork from several different practitioners, falling under a number of different styles. From that experience I can say that Alyssa is one of the finest massage therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Not only is she well grounded in the anatomy and physiology of the body, she is also guided by a pristine sense of intuition. Her sessions have reached through layers of muscles and connective tissue into a deeply energetic sense of healing for my body.”

Spencer, Fairfield CT