Welcome to Blooming Lotus Apothecary,
a line of therapeutic aromatherapy blends and healing crystals.

Growing up in a holistic family, Alyssa was exposed to the many benefits of alternative healing. Her parents were professional jewelers, and encouraged her to explore her creative expression through a study of ceramics, photography, jewelry making, and graphic design. 
Her boutique business blossomed by combining her love of the arts and her passion for natural remedies.  Alyssa hand-creates all of her aromatherapy products and jewelry, designs the labels, photographs, and markets her products herself. With this handmade, artisan touch, she hopes that that we can support other small businesses and make the world a better place, one relaxed person at a time. 

The Lotus is a precious flower in Eastern tradition. It must grow out of the mud, deeply rooted in the darkness of the water. The bud forms underwater and as it reaches the surface, each precious petal unfurls, pure, bright, and untouched by the dirty water. Just as we live in a world filled with darkness, stress, and fear, we can choose to rise up and reach towards the sun, awaking to opportunities for spiritual growth.
Using crystals and powerful botanical extracts (called essential oils) raises the energetic vibration of the body, mind and spirit to be more in tune with the natural world. 

Each item in Alyssa's collection is created with love and imbued with healing Reiki energy.
She blends all of her aromatherapy products in small batches by hand in her home workshop,
and sources the highest quality ingredients that are organic whenever possible.

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